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About Brave

Brave Charitable Trust was founded by the Miss World Oceania 2018 winner, Jessica (Jess) Tyson. During the Miss World pageant in 2018, each national Miss World delegate had the opportunity to create a project about an significant matter that impacted the young people of their home country. Jess chose to concentrate on sexual violence and how this matter affected young people. 

Jess' intentions with the creation of Brave were extremely near and dear to her heart, as at the age of 9 years old, she stood in the court room in front of the Judge, accusing her perpetrator of sexually abusing her for many years of her life. 

After Sydney won the Miss New Zealand beauty pageant in 2020, she became an official ambassador for Brave. With the purpose of the charity serving major purpose in Sydney's mental health and sexual violence history as well, Sydney and Jess are officially collaborating on many fundraising and charitable events together.

Check out Jess' story here!


Charity Work

Brave's sole purpose is to educate rangatahi (young people) of New Zealand about sexual violence and sexual abuse. Brave does this by raising awareness through charity events, getting involved in the community and visiting schools around New Zealand.


Brave has visited many schools around New Zealand, specifically speaking to year 11-13 (NCEA 1, 2, & 3) students. Brave has also been involved in public events, including running self-defense classes, and of course, beauty pageants.

Brave has been the chosen charity that the Miss New Zealand pageant contestants of 2019 and 2020 have actively engaged in fundraising money for through charity events as an important part of the competition. 

Check out the official Brave website and merchandise here!

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